Infants (0-2) years

If you see a man and woman in a car, in the middle of the night, driving slowly, and softly stealing glances at the car seat behind them? Don’t be intrigued. They must be parents putting their whining newborn to sleep! Baby toys at this stage will stimulate the senses, particularly the senses of sight, sound and touch. Baby toys are colorful, textured, easy to hold, and often make noises. Rattles, bouncer seats, playmats, teethers, soft toys, and sleep toys are some of the best age-appropriate toys for babies aged 0 – 6 months old. Infants in the 6 months to 2 years old age range engage more through laughing, babbling, sitting, rolling, crawling, pulling to stand at furniture, and may be very close to taking their first steps! Age-appropriate toys for babies at this age include cause and effect toys, which are often battery operated toys that play music or complete fun actions with the push of a button. Babies at this age also start dump and fill play, putting large toys in and out of containers. Keep in mind that each child develops at an individual pace. Items on one age range—as long as they are safe—can be good choices for children who are younger and older than the suggested age range.

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