Our story


I am Deepaa Tejnani, founder of ToysWeLoved.com.
You can also meet my husband Vivek Sanil, "the supporter," and our son Hredaan V Sanil, who we like to call "the originator" in this picture. He is the reason for our inception, and this is Our Story:

One fine day, when I walked into our home, all I could see were Toys strewn all over the living room, and the thought to re-sell them popped into my head! I instantly started googling if there was a website primarily for pre-loved toys.

An idea began to form in my head. I started doing some research and taking feedback from family and friends.

My husband and I soon realized there isn't a single dedicated platform that can be a one-stop-shop to buy and re-sell our son's pre-loved toys and other kid-related items without needing to leave our home. Besides a hassle-free pick-up and delivery, receiving disinfected or sanitized products would be an added advantage for us busy parents, of course.

As most parents would know and relate that a toy only keeps your child interested for 2 or 3 months tops and then, similar to clothes, your children grow out of toys too! Hredaan is no different. He wants a brand new toy now and then, and although we give in to his demands, we do face storage and budget issues, which is how the idea came about, and so, Toys We Loved was born.